Equest Bridles

Equest Bridles

Bridle and riding brace made of first-class materials
ideal for jumping, dressage or eventing

Optimally matched accessories

High quality also for all horses

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New Equest Bridle Glossy Crystal

Product no.: EQ 640 430

EQuest Snaffle Glossy Seams

soft cowhide with patent optics and Swarovski

Color: black Sizes Pony, Cob, Full

119.95 *

New EQuest Bridle Glossy Seams

Product no.: EQ 640 480

EQuest Bridle Glossy Seams

soft cowhide with patent look and decorative stitching

Color: black or brown sizes Pony, Cob , Full

109.95 *

EQuest Bridle Glossy Blacklight

Product no.: EQ 640 460

EQuest Bridle Glossy Blacklight

soft cowhide with patent optics, Swedish noseband

Sizes Pony; Cob; Full

89.95 *

New EQuest bridle Crystal Trust

Product no.: EQ 1400 0068

EQuest snaffle Crystal Trust incl. reins

Color: black, black with rhinestone browband

Sizes Pony; Cob / Thoroughbred; Full / Warmblood

89.95 *

Equest bridle Proud

Product no.: EQ 640 215

Equest bridle Proud

Curved browband with Swarovski

Size:Cob / Thoroughbred, Full / Warmblood

89.95 *

Equest Bridle Glossy Candy

Product no.: EQ 640 440

Equest patent bridle Glossy Candy + web reins

with English combined noseband

Size Cob, full

109.95 *

EQuest bridle Glossy White Shine

Product no.: EQ 640 470

EQuest bridle Glossy White Shine

swedish noseband white padded

Size: pony, Cob, Full

89.95 *
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