Westernhalters and workhalters

from shetland to draft,

Embroidered with names embroidered possible

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Leather halter "Cooper

Product no.: GR 180067

Elaborately crafted "Cooper" leather halter

Noseband with glitter conchos

! 4-fold adjustable !  Size Full

49.95 *

Premium Hamilton Rope

Product no.: HiTack 1833

Polystrick Original Hamilton
Length 2,7m with goldem carabiner
Available in all halter colors

16.95 *
In stock

Hamilton Halter Average

Hamilton Halter Warmblut / Quarter (Average)

With lifetime guarantee against tearing

Sizes: Average (Warm blood / Quarter)

39.95 *
42.90 €
You save 7 %
In stock

Hamilton halter full blood (Small)

Hamilton halter full blood (Small)

With lifetime guarantee against tearing

Sizes: Small - Cob, Haflinger, whole blood 1.9cm M, L

38.95 *
40.70 €
You save 4 %

Hamilton halter pony or foal

Product no.: HiTack 1369

Hamilton halter pony in fancy colors

With lifetime guarantee against tearing

Sizes: foal, pony, donkey

35.90 *
36.90 €
You save 3 %
In stock

Hamilton halter standard

Product no.: HiTack 1361

Hamilton halter standard

With lifetime guarantee against tearing

Only adjustable on the neck strap

29.95 *
In stock

American knot halter in coach quality

Product no.: HiTack 1394

Original American knot holder in coach quality
Unit size suitable for full and cob
Deal for demanding soil work

35.95 *

American Knothalter

Product no.: HiTack 1391

Original American knotter
From ¼ "strong, round nylon cord with knots at special pressure points
Suitable for demanding soil work

14.95 *

Hamilton halter Shetland Pony

Product no.: HiTack 1369

Hamilton halter Shetland Pony

With lifetime guarantee against tearing

Sizes: Shetland pony, Minishetland and Minidonkey

34.95 *
38.90 €
You save 10 %
In stock

Hamilton halter Draft

Product no.: HiTack 1367 KB

Hamilton halter cold blood (Draft) with lifetime warranty against tearing

With snap and adjustable chin strap

!!! new colors !!!

49.95 *
In stock

Nodal halter with reflective stripes

Product no.: GR 180077 Glow

Knot holster with reflective strips

for better visibility

Various colors, Size: Full / Cob

8.95 *

Hamilton Halter Large

Hamilton Halter Large Horse Double Buckle

With lifetime guarantee against tearing

Large - yellow Horse

42.95 *
In stock

Knotted halter & knit with tassels

Product no.: GR 270030

Knot halter & matching knit with horse-hair tassels

Nose part with braided raw skin & raw skin knots

Colors: pink, royalblue, black

12.95 *
16.90 €
You save 23 %

Nodal holder with reins rings

Product no.: GR 270121

Nodal holder with lateral rings for reinserting reins

Color: royalblue, black

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full

6.95 *
In stock

Nodal holder colored

Product no.: GR 990304

Colorful braided holder

Stable 9mm strong rope quality, individually adjustable

Sizes: Cob, Full

4.50 *
9.95 €
Current daily price
You save 55 %
In stock

Western halter with leader

Product no.: GR 270029

beautiful Western halter with leader

Leash with snap and hand strap

Colors: bordeaux, green, black, Sizes: Cob, Full

16.95 *

Braided halter

Product no.: Pro 5023

Elaborately braided pasture and stallion halter

Sizes: cob, full, draft

Color: Colorful, beige, lime, turquoise, raspberry

14.95 *

western Leatherhalter Butch Cassidy

Product no.: GR 180066 Newcastle

Western Leather Halter Butch Cassidy

adjustable neck and chin straps on both sides;

with elaborately worked hallmarks and buckles

49.95 *

Knot holster "Colour"

Product no.: GR 270182

Knot holster without disturbing metal parts

gentler action due to braided noseband

soft PP material,

8.95 *
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