Parisol Biotin plus M

Parisol Biotin plus M

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Parisol Biotin plus M - Horse Mineral Supplementary Feed
Dosage form Pellets - Important for hooves and fur!

Highly dosed biotin and zinc ensure optimal growth of hoof and hair and promote the resistance of the skin against harmful influences - for beauty that comes from the inside
Ideal for the strength and build-up of hoof and hair. Hoof horn growth, hoof horn quality, horn strength, horn hardness and hoof shape are optimized by biotin and methionine. Organic zinc in the form of highly digestible zinc chelate improves the supply of important trace elements. The supply of vitamin B6 and vitamin E is rounded off. Contains: 2,500,000 mcg biotin

Feeding instructions:
Foals and ponies: 10 g / daily (1 measuring spoon)
Light horses: 20 g / daily (2 measuring spoons)
Heavy horses: 25 g / daily (2 ½ measuring spoon)

Size: can 1000g

Analytical constituents and contents:
Crude protein 14.90%
Crude fat 2.00%
Crude fiber 5.60%
Raw ash 15.50%
Calcium 4.10%
Phosphorus 0.49%
Sodium 0.03%

Additives per kg: Nutritional physiological additives:
6.250 mg of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate), 1,000 mg of copper
(E 4) (copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate), 15.00 mg of selenium (E 8)
(Sodium selenite), 10500 mg zinc (E6) (zinc oxide), 2500000mcg
Biotin (as a biotin preparation), 1200 mg of vitamin B6 (as a pyridoxol hydrochloride reagent)

40.0% barley, 26.7% wheat bran, 3.5% sugar cane molasses


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