Parisol Flaxseed Gold Yellow

Parisol Flaxseed Gold Yellow

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Parisol linseed -gold yellow- horse mineral supplementary feed

Important for fur and gastrointestinal tract.


With a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, valuable oils and linoleic acid
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Rich in natural vitamin E, which as a natural antioxidant protects the cells against aggressive skin substances and also guarantees a long shelf life of the feed oil
Gives the coat of horses a natural, well-groomed shine
Supports a healthy musculature
Has a positive reassuring effect on the gastrointestinal tract

Parisol flaxseed golden yellow is particularly suitable:

For tired and over-exerted muscles during intensive physical work
For slop, energetic horses
For feeding on digestion problems such as bloating or constipation
For hard-footed horses
To enhance the daily feed rate
For feeding on day-to-day life
For nutritional support during the change of fur of horses

Composition 100% linseed

Ingredients Crude fat 35.00%, crude protein 23.00%, crude fiber 7.30%, raw ash 5.20%

Feeding instructions:
Feed without boiling:
Foals 50-80 g, young and small horses 70-100 g, horsepower 100-150 g
Breeding stock and breeding stock 150-200 g
Feed in boiled form: pour in boiling water and allow to stand for about 30 minutes. Then feed at hand warm temperature.


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