Product no.: EQ 115 665 Vario Illusion

Equest Halter Vario Illusion Golden Winter

3-way adjustable halter red or blue

Size Pony-Cob, Cob-Full-XFull

54.95 *


Product no.: EQ 115 005 Regular Plus

EQuest Halter Regular Plus or Dual Plus Golden Winter

With a thorn or sliding buckle

XS Pony small,S Pony,M Cob ,L Full, XL Draft

34.95 *
Product no.: EQ 403 004

EQuest sweat blanket Dralon GoldenWinter

sizes: 115cm - 165cm / grammage of 400 g/m²

hard-wearing and dimensionally stable Dralon® blanket

149.95 *
Product no.: EQ 401 414

Sweat blanket ALPHA FLEECE - Golden Winter

with an elegant EQ Globe Label and EQuest lettering

Size: 115cm 125cm, 135cm, 145cm, 155cm, 165cm

119.95 *
Product no.: EQ 201 165

Equest Lead Ropes Collection Golden Winter

Ultimo lead rope, lead rope performance with webbing spacer, lead reins webbing and webbing lunge

11.95 *
Product no.: EQ 525 500

EQuest Soft Gaiters Golden Winter and Leather Illusion Golden Winter

Size S Pony, M Pony - Cob, L Cob - Full, XL Full

color bordaux, navy

39.95 / set(s) *
Product no.: EQ 584 700

Hoofbells Soft with fur and Leather Illusion

Size S Pony, M Pony - Cob, L Cob - Full, XL Full, XXL XFull

color bordaux, navy

34.95 / set(s) *
Product no.: EQ 512 407

Bandages Alpha Fleece Golden Winter

Size Pony 250cm x 11cm, Regular 300cm x 11cm

Color Navy, Blue Stone, Bordaux red, Yellow

24.95 / set(s) *