Angel (lamb) fur saddle Ibero

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Treeless Angel Lambskin Saddle

The English angel lambskin saddle with removable seat and pocket for upholstery material.
Delivery includes spacer fabric.


    Treeless saddle
        Anatomically shaped
    100% genuine Merino lambskin from Australia
        Combined with hard-wearing quilted fabric (cotton)
        Lambskin in the back and seat area
        Pile height lambskin: approx. 30mm
    Pocket in the back area with velcro opening
        Bag for upholstery material
        Spacer fabric included in scope of delivery
        Material spacer fabric: 100% polyester
        Padding for shock absorption
    completely removable saddle seat (zipper)
        Product can be used as saddle blanket
        Saddle seat area (lambskin) and saddle cover (cotton) washable separately
    Pommel and saddle ring
        Large padded rolls for secure hold (padding incl.)
        High fifth wheel (padding included)
        Removable padding for saddle rim and knee rolls through Velcro opening
    Rings, stripes and straps:
        D-rings for stirrup attachment and panniers
        Breastplate / auxiliary reins rings
        Sturdy belt plucks (material: plastic)
        saddle handlebars


The Engel lambskin saddle is made of hard-wearing cotton quilted fabric and dense Australian merino lambskin...

Quilting: Upper: cotton, polyester Filling: polyester ( fleece)

Lambskin: 100% Merino Lambskin

Spacer fabric: plastic

washable at 30°C


    Fur Saddle Dimensions


  • Fellsattel Abmessungen
           R3 Iberica
      Rückenlänge:     58cm
      Sattelblattlänge:     50cm
      Sattelblattbreite:     68cm
  • Strupfen
           R3 Iberica
      Erstes Loch:     bei 7cm
      Letztes Loch:     bei 28cm
      Abstände der Löcher:     ca. 3cm
      Anzahl Löcher:     8
  • Steigbügelaufhängung (D-Ring)
           R3 Iberica
      Steigbügelaufhängung (D-Ring)     ca. 5cm Breite (Innenmaß)

Colours: medical/ natural, mocca, black/ english

Product characteristics (fur saddle)

    Particularly intense riding sensation
    Special closeness between rider and horse
    Plenty of freedom of movement
    Fellsattel is usually ridden without stirrups.
        Stirrup rings (D-rings) optionally included
        If stirrups are used, cushion more to avoid pressure points
    Use fur saddle directly on horseback
        No saddle blanket under the fur saddle necessary
        This is the only way for the horse to fully enjoy the positive properties of lambskin (see below).
    Movement of the spine is not restricted, freedom of the spine not necessary
    Fits perfectly to the horse's back line
    Almost any horse can be ridden with the fur saddle
    Especially suitable for horses that are still muscularly strongly changing.
    A stronger padding is recommended for horses with low musculature or horses which are still in the muscle build-up.
    Off-road suitable
    Especially popular with all riders, including beginners and children.
    Perfectly trains the sense of balance and equilibrium


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