Life jacket Hunter

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Life jacket Hunter

Dogs like water. If the water is deep enough, dogs often like to swim and are good at home. With the Hunter life jacket you can contribute to the safety of your favourite. If you also take your dog with you on boat trips, you should not do without a life jacket for your dog. Even if your dog normally swims well, there can always be problems. With a lifejacket you protect your dog's life on and in the water - after all, the boat trip is supposed to be fun! In order for the Hunter life jacket to fit perfectly, the chest and two belly straps can be infinitely adjusted to fit the dog's body. Thanks to the safety click closure, it is impossible for the life jacket to accidentally open. So that your dog is always well visible, the lifejacket is strong red, and also reflective.

    two safety click and Velcro fasteners on the belly strap
    chest and two belly straps infinitely adjustable
    grab handle
    perfect fit

S Size: neck 23 - 42 cm | belly 30 - 46 cm, recommended for a dog weight: max. 5 kg

M Size: neck 29 - 45 cm | belly 45 - 55 cm, recommended for a dog weight: 5 - 8 kg

L Size: neck 35 - 50 cm | belly 48 - 65 cm, recommended for a dog weight: 8 - 11 kg

XL size: neck 39 - 62 cm | belly 62 - 86 cm, recommended for a dog weight: 11 - 15 kg

XXL size: neck 46 - 72 cm | belly 79 - 108 cm, recommended for a dog weight: 15 - 30 kg


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