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Saddle holder, Mistboy, trolley, cleaning box, dish holder

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Length adjustable dungboy

Product no.: GR 230029

Metal scraps and dung shovel

Are comfortably height-adjustable

For back-friendly work

Color: Black

22.90 *
29.90 €
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Colored dung boy with forke

Product no.: Pro E 9758 F

Colored dung shovel and solid manure

Height approx. 80 cm.

Colors according to availability: pink, blue, orange

19.95 *
24.90 €
You save 20 %
In stock

Horse shower with gardena connection

Product no.: Pro 9745

Horse shower with gardena connection

Fits perfectly to any Gardena water connection

Size: approx. 15 cm


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13.90 €
You save 64 %
In stock
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