Stable accessories

Stable accessories

Stable accessories

New ideas for your riding stable
And much
sensible for the daily stall requirements
Saddle holder, Mistboy, trolley, cleaning box, dish holder

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Safety carabiner with metal plate

Product no.: Pro E 9712

Safety carabiner with metal plate

made of galvanized steel for screwing

(tie plate approx. 5 cm x 5 cm, fire hook approx. 10 cm long)

4.95 *

SE 103

Product no.: SE 103
4.90 *
In stock

Mirror collar

Product no.: Pro 7901

Very beautiful country house decoration,

Wood optionally in natural, black or brown

Hitch height: approx. 66 cm

143.95 *
179.90 €
You save 20 %

Grain cushion horse

Product no.: Art.0004 Körnerkissen Pferdchen

Grain cushion horse

Filled with a special grain mixture

Size 24cm x 24 cm, weight ca.400gr

4.90 *
In stock

Farmer pliers

Product no.: Pro 6220

Farmer pliers be used as a multifunctional tool

Replaces hammer, tongs, eyelets, wire cutters

Cuts wire up to ø 5 mm

12.90 *

Plastic recycling pile

Product no.: Siep6743

Plastic recycling pile

Round with 45 mm ⌀ and 150 cm length

Solid material, manufactured in Germany

4.35 *
In stock

Punch plier "Profi"

Product no.: Pro 6303

Punch plier "Profi quality"

sturdy, forged metal punch pliers

for professional work

37.85 *
39.90 €
You save 5 %

Professional screw-in aid for insulators

Product no.: GR 260070

Professional screw-in aid for ring insulators

Suitable for drilling machines and cordless screwdrivers

Metal galvanized

5.35 *

Boot wrap

Product no.: GR 190180

Boots knee-high the practical helper to effortlessly take off the boots

- ideal for any shoe or boot

Dimensions: 290 x 105 x 75 mm

6.95 *
In stock

Muzzle ProCheval

Product no.: Pro E 9781

Extremely stable muzzle ProCheval

Adjustable on the throat strap by means of sliding buckles;

Sizes pony or warm blood / whole blood

28.90 *
37.90 €
You save 24 %

Muzzle Nylon

Product no.: GR 230054

stable muzzle Nylon

Adjustable on the throat strap by means of sliding buckles;

Sizes pony or warm blood / whole blood

22.90 *

Boot wrap with non-slip boot protection

Product no.: Pro 9305

Boots knee-high with anti-slip boot protection

The practical helper to effortlessly take off the boots

Measurements: 290x105x75 mm

7.45 *


Product no.: Pro 9501

Cute minitrense with bite and reins

The perfect gift for any horse lover

Length: approx. 14 cm

5.90 *
In stock

Punching pliers "Hobby"

Product no.: Pro 6303 Hobby

Punching pliers "Hobby" with several punches

sturdy simple punch pliers

for hobby use

5.95 *

Haas "Cleaning Brush Frank"

Product no.: GR 190181

Haas "Cleaning Brush Frank" for brush and Velcro fastener

Removes hair and dirt from the brush.

and cleaning Velcro fasteners.

7.45 *
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