horse harness accessories

horse harness accessories

Many horse harness are also available as individual items.
In the best leather quality

and all sizes

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Blanket embroidered with names

Product no.: Pro 7250

Water resistant blanket with name

Size: 120 x 90 cm, different colors

Outside: coated Teflon, inside: warming fleece

42.95 *
In stock

Beautiful bow whip 200cm

Product no.: Pro 7166

Beautiful bow whip

PE fiber-covered fiberglass cover,

Length: 200 cm + About 80 cm whip bow

39.95 *
In stock

Driving cradle with precious wood handle

Product no.: Pro 7370

Reflective driving cradle

With screwed wooden handle

Stitch length: approx. 38cm Diameter: approx. 18cm

19.95 *

carriages bag for starting numbers

Product no.: Pro 7270

Carriage bag for start numbers made of sturdy, black leather

Up to three start numbers can be inserted

Size: 27 x 16 cm

28.95 *
In stock

Bells tied

Product no.: Pro 7142 K

beautiful Leather bell strap

With 5 metal bells and beautiful full sound

Length: approx. 120cm

87.95 *

Holding straps ProCheval

Product no.: Pro 7134

Two holding straps in good, stable leather quality,

Size: shetland pony, Pony, cob, full

Width: approx. 36 mm (pony:  33 mm, shetty 27cm)


63.95 *
1 piece(s) = 35.95 €

Stainless steel holding chain

Product no.: Pro 7148

stabile Stainless steel holding chain

With twistable chain links and ring

Length: 94 cm or 114 cm

52.95 *

Food bag

Product no.: Pro E 9780*

Canvas bag made of sturdy Natural color canvas,

With breathing holes;

With adjustable neck section

13.95 *
In stock

Combination cover for two-wheelers

Combination cover for two-wheelers in diplomat execution

Sales: in pairs

Sizes Shetty, Pony, cob, full, draft

309.95 *
1 piece(s) = 154.98 €

Selett for one or two-axle wagons

Product no.: Pro 7116

Selett for single-harness

For one-axle
buckboard (gig) or two-axle buckboard

Size Shetland, Pony, cob, full, draft

198.95 *
1 piece(s) = 94.95 €

Single-horse breast leaf DeLuxe

Product no.: Pro 7106

One-horse breast blade with neck strap

In good leather quality

Lengths: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160cm

189.95 *
1 piece(s) = 96.95 €
In stock

Connecting strap more horse - front horses

Product no.: Pro 7235

Connecting straps for multi - lane front horses

Width: approx. 36 mm

Fine, stable leather quality

89.95 *
1 piece(s) = 84.95 €

Wrist straps with buckles

Product no.: Pro 7120

Wrist straps with buckles

With practical stainless steel buckles at the tail

Size pony, whole blood, warm blood, draft

49.95 *
In stock

Shetland Single-horse breast leaf DeLuxe

Product no.: Pro 7105SH

Shetland Pony Single Breast Blade with Neck Strap DeLuxe

Softly padded without interfering seams,
Size 75cm, 85cm or 105cm

96.95 *
In stock

Curved single-cheek breast leaf

Product no.: Pro 7106 GES

Curved single-cheek breast leaf With neck straps

Softly padded without interfering interior seams.

Lengths: 110, 120, 130 cm

199.95 *

Breastplate for two horses

Product no.: Pro 7111

Breastplate for two horses with neck straps and neck belt

Selling pairwise

Lengths: 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm

389.95 / 2 piece(s) *

Open single-horse breast blade

Product no.: Pro 7106 OF

Open single-horse breast blade with neck strap

Softly padded without interfering seams,

Only on order

179.95 *

Driving bridle safety

Product no.: Pro 7101

Driving bridle safety made of sturdy leather

Prevents stripping of the driving compartment

2 sizes suitable for from Shetty to cold blood

19.95 *
In stock

Headband for workhorse

Product no.: Pro 7850

Headband for workhorse Made of fine, good leather

Headband: red, blue, green or black and white

Please enter the required length in cm

16.95 *
In stock

Cap for French cummings

Product no.: Pro 7151KAP

Cap for French cummings

In fine, stable leather quality,

Rings and stainless steel buckles

54.95 *

shear straps for rear harness

Product no.: Pro 7226

Shear straps for rear harness

Sold in pairs, warm blooded

As a spare part for single rear harness

26.95 *
In stock

Impact straps

Product no.: Pro 7228

As "spare" for single-horse back harness (NOT equivalent!)

Only for braked carriages usable !!

Size 50 or 100cm

34.95 *
38.90 €
You save 10 %

Combination cover for work

Product no.: Pro 7660

Comb cover for working harness

Made of black sturdy leather,

Size; Haflinger or cold blood

249.95 *

Working gear Wings with straps

Product no.: Pro 7700

Working gear Welding straps with straps

In stable, good leather quality,

Size: Haflinger, cold blood

129.95 *

Swing belts for work harnesses

Product no.: Pro 7720

Swing strap for working harness with two straps

In good, stable leather quality,

With stainless steel buckles

149.95 *

3 Swing belts for work harnesses

Product no.: 7721

3er belt for working harness

In good, stable leather quality,

With three straps


Slit rosettes for working harnesses

Product no.: Pro 7723

Slit ropes Swing straps for working harnesses

Fittings: chrome or brass

13 rosettes or 17 rosettes

369.95 *

Swing belts With plate and four straps

Product no.: Pro 7725

Working gear flywheel with plate

Length: approx. 80 cm and four straps

Fittings: chrome or brass

249.95 *

Transfer for rear harness

Product no.: Pro 7680

Transfer for rear harness

In good, stable leather quality with knitted strings

Size Haflinger or cold blood

649.95 *

Decorated truss for back harness

Product no.: Pro 7683

Decorated truss for back harness

Very good leather quality with two knitting strings

Size: Haflinger or cold blood

1,369.95 *

Surveying for traditions for harnesses

Product no.: Pro 7686

Surveying for traditions

With finest, elaborate embellishments

Size Haflinger or cold blood

1,449.95 *
1 piece(s) = 1,649.95 €

Wristbands for show harnesses

Product no.: Pro 7702

Wrist straps + straps

With finest, elaborate embellishments

Decorations on one or two sides

329.95 *

Horsejewellery for driving Halter

Product no.: Pro 7900

Horse adornment Plaques for pedals

Colour; Red, blue, green

Length (including leather straps): approx. 22 cm

41.95 *

harness holder set

Product no.: Pro E 9703

harness holder set 4 pieces

For breast-leaf or coffin, bridle, selet, and head-piece

Metal, black lacquered

46.95 *
1 piece(s) = 11.74 €
In stock

Muzzle ProCheval

Product no.: Pro E 9781

Extremely stable muzzle ProCheval

Adjustable on the throat strap by means of sliding buckles;

Sizes pony or warm blood / whole blood

28.90 *
37.90 €
You save 24 %

Kidney blanket Pro Cheval

Product no.: Pro 7261

Highly water repellent outdoor fabric

Inner material: breathable non-woven fabric

In 4 sizes

49.95 *

Stainless steel patent shackle

Product no.: Pro 7189

Stainless steel patent shackle

As a connection between the train and the train

This makes it possible to quickly peel off in an emergency

17.95 *
1 piece(s) = 10.00 €
In stock

Leather driving gloves

Leather driving gloves made of soft, high quality leather

With stable reinforcements for the catenary

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

44.95 *
49.90 €
You save 10 %

Mirror collar

Product no.: Pro 7901

Very beautiful country house decoration,

Wood optionally in natural, black or brown

Hitch height: approx. 66 cm

169.95 *

Patent shackle adapter / strand connector

Product no.: Pro 7300 - 160168

Stainless steel adapter for the drawstrings

So that classic pull cords (with pull-up) can be driven with the patent buckle

19.95 *
In stock

Belly belt cover made of genuine lambskin

Product no.: Pro 7210

Ideal!!! The belt is inserted into the schooner

Size: 50-70 cm Hand sewn on order

Colors: black, natural

60.00 *

can be shipped within 21 days

Hold-up straps with quick-release fastener

Product no.: Pro 7134SV

Hold-up straps with quick-release fastener

In good, stable leather quality,

Width: approx. 36 mm, Size: full /draft

36.95 *
In stock

Wrist strap with sewn tail

crupper with sewn-on tailmug

double stitched and well padded

Size Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Cold Blood

32.95 *
In stock

Linen guide ring / linen eye

Product no.: Pro 7352

Linen guide ring / linen eye

With two moving rollers

To secure multi-track driving lines safely

13.95 *

Stainless steel holding chain

Product no.: GR 240020

Panikhooks are special hooks With safety opening

A train and he gives e.g. The attached horse free

Brass colors

4.99 *
In stock
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