insect protection

insect protection

insect protection

Highly effective insect protection for your horse, like spray, gel, fly corners or small ears, you will find everything for the defense of the annoying plague glands

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Product no.: 90002
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Eye and ear cap

Product no.: Pro 9407

Eye and ears of cotton
Fly protection with ears and beautiful, exclusive gold cord
Size: warm blood, cold blood

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Product no.: 90008
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9.99 €
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Wondermask * Flying mask

Wondermask * Fly mask without ears

Sizes: S - Small horse, M - Whole blood,

L - Warmblood, XL - Cold blood

14.95 *
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Fly / eczema blanket from 75 - 185cm

Made of high-quality, tear-resistant polyester, tight

With tail strap and a chest clip closure

Sizes: 75 - 185 cm

23.95 *
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Eye and ear cap

Product no.: X 9401

Eye and ear cap made of cotton

Unit size: VB / WB

Color:  white, black, fir, olive, light green, navy,

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6.90 €
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Fly mask Stretch

Product no.: GR 360024 Monarch

Fly mask stretch

Especially fine meshed net, even tiny flies can not pass through
Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full

14.95 *
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Fly blanket with neck part

Fly blanket with neck part

Protection against flies and brakes in the stable and on the pasture

Sizes: 115cm, 125cm, 135cm, 145cm, 155cm

59.95 *
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