Details about the embroidery service

Details about the embroidery service

Details about the embroidery service

Here you will find all the info about
Fonts, font color and additional letters
As well as Swarovski Elements

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Letters additionally

 as an extension to the offer

only 10 letters are included in the embroidery

This applies to halters, cords, mazes or blankets

1.25 *

New Swarovski Elements "crystal" snowflake

Product no.: Stein Crystal

Set Sparkling accents jewelery-0029.gifwith Swarovski element rhinestones

Beautiful view

Snowflake crystal in following sizes 5mm

0.69 *
In stock


Product no.: Art. 0101

Here are the possible fonts

Please specify enter the remarks for the purchase order

For cloaks we always take font no. 30


Product no.: Schriftfarbe

0.00 *

Logo creation according to your templates

Product no.: Art. 0100 Logo

You would like to have your logo embroidered, no problem ...

For the design, we take a one-time fee of € 14.90,

14.95 *

New Stein Emerald-3

0.29 *
In stock

New Stein light amethyst-3

0.29 *
In stock

New Stein aquamarine

Product no.: Stein aquamarine

0.29 *
In stock

New Stein light rose

Product no.: Stein light rose

0.29 *
In stock

New Stein citrine

Product no.: Stein citrine

0.29 *
In stock

New Stein burgundy

Product no.: Stein burgundy

0.34 *
In stock

New Stein olivine-3

0.29 *
In stock

New Stein Light Siam

Product no.: Stein Light Siam

0.34 *
1 piece(s) = 0.29 €
In stock

Embroidery name

Product no.: Art. 0110

name Embroidery - Manufaktur

To decorate ceilings, towels, or towels
Decorated with optional Swarovski 4crystals

14.95 *

embroidery designs different dog silhouette

Product no.: Art. 0200

Silhouette with great effect

Color freely selectable....

Different dog breeds to choose from

12.95 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery