Useful accessories for horse corners

Useful accessories for horse corners

Here you will find useful accessories for your horse corner

Such as ceiling brushes, ceiling straps, leg cords

Safety gums and much more ...

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Blanket belt embroidered with name

Embroidered with wording,

Different colors possible

Suitable for all horse sizes (width: 7,5 cm)

17.95 *
In stock

Leg cords for blankets

Product no.: G 130018

grey leg-cords with small snap hooks

one carabiner hook and adjustable

Sold only in pairs!!!

7.95 *

Lint and ceiling brush

Product no.: Pro 6040

Rectangular plastic brush with handle;

And special soft rubber battens (length: approx. 3.5 cm)

Ideal for removing animal hair and lint

8.95 *

Transport and storage belt for horse corners

Product no.: GR 130016

Ideal for the space-saving storage and transport of:

Horse corners of every kind

Color: Black

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