supplement feed

supplement feed

For the horse's health, willingness to perform and satisfaction, a balanced ratio of energy, proteins, raw fibres, quantity and trace elements as well as vitamins must be present.

For orientation, reference numbers in horse feeding can be helpful, but other factors such as character and temperament, breed, exercise and work performance, age, body constitution, weight and posture form should also be taken into account.

The daily water requirement of a horse is 5-12 litres of water per 100 kg live weight.

For a feed ration to contain sufficient structured crude fibre, it should contain at least 1,0 kg hay (and straw) per 100 kg body weight.

For a balanced mineral balance, the quantity and trace elements are very essential.
- Volume elements: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, chlorine and potassium.
- Trace elements: iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, selenium and iodine.

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Parisol Flaxseed Gold Yellow

Product no.: Bense 5405

Parisol linseed -gold yellow- horse mineral supplementary feed

Important fur and gastrointestinal tract

Size: 5kg

25.95 *

Parisol Flaxseed linseed

Product no.: Bense 5410

Pure linseed oil in best quality - horse mineral supplements

Important for the musculature and the coat.

Size: 1000ml, 2500ml, 5000ml

7.95 *

Lili's #Luxury Linseed Oil

Product no.: Bense 8175

Lili's #Luxury Linseed Oil

Pure linseed oil in best quality - Pferde Mineral Ergänzzfutter

Size: 1000ml 

7.95 *
In stock

Parisol Herbal Elixir

Product no.: Bense 5060

Parisol herbal elixir

a specially mineral supplement with highly effective herbs

to stabilise the respiratory system and the immune system

29.95 / l *
In stock

Parisol Magnesium plus Vitamin B

Product no.: Bense 5055

Parisol Magnesium plus Vitamin B - Horse Mineral Supplementary Feed

Dosage form Juice // For nerve strength and performance

Bottle of 1000ml

29.95 *
In stock

Parisol Biotin plus M

Product no.: Bense 4801

Parisol Biotin plus M - Horse Mineral Supplementary Feed

Pellets // Important for hooves and fur!

Size: can 1000g

37.95 *

Parisol Vitamin E plus Selen

Product no.: Bense 5050

Parisol Vitamin E plus Selenium - Horse Mineral Supplementary Feed

Dosage form Juice // For wellbeing and performance

Bottle of 1000ml

39.95 *

Parisol MSM + Glucosamine

Product no.: Bense 5080

Parisol MSM + Glucosamine - Horse Mineral Supplementary Feed

Dosage form Juice // For tendons, ligaments and joints

bottle 1000ml

49.95 *

Parisol Elektrolyt Power-Liquid

Product no.: Bense 5065

Parisol Electrolyte Power-Liquid - Horse Mineral Supplementary Feed

Dosage form Juice // Turbo against electrolyte deficiency

Size:  1000ml

19.95 *

Parisol Amino Magic

Product no.: Bense 5075

Parisol Amino Magic

Ideal for promoting muscle build-up and metabolism

Size: dosing bottle 1000 ml

23.95 *
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