Leather and textile care

Leather and textile care

Caring agents for leather and textile care,

such as special lamb and leather shampoo, leather care and leather oil

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B&E Beeswax Leather Balm

B&E Beeswax Leather Balm

Makes the leather soft, supple, waterproof and durable

250 ml can, 500 ml can, 1000 ml bucket

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B & E Brilliant Leather Towel

Product no.: GR 390210

The B & E Brilliant leather care towel with real bee wax and avocado oil

An ideal helper for traveling.

12 x 6,5ml towels

8.95 *

B & E leather grease

Leather grease The classic in yellow and black.

For the care of all types of smooth leather.

High-quality oils and waxes, vaseline, perfume

6.50 *

New leather colour - tiger black

Product no.: Bense 2601

B&E Tiger leather black

is for refreshing black leather.

Unsightly leather parts can be refreshed in colour

7.95 *
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New B&E saddle soap with sponge

B&E saddle soap with sponge

Cleans, maintains and preserves riding saddles and leather goods

sizes: 50ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml 

2.20 *

Gwen's # Leather Love No.2 500ml

Product no.: Bense 8130

Gwen's # Leather Love No.2

#luxus care formula - for soft, supple, shiny leather - 100% natural.

500 ml spray bottle

12.95 *
1 piece(s) = 3.20 €
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Gwen's # Leather Love No.1 500ml

Product no.: Bense 8125

Gwen's # Leather Love No.1

#luxus care formula - for soft, supple, shiny leather - 100% natural.

500 ml spray bottle

10.95 *
10.95 €
1 piece(s) = 9.85 €
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New B&E leather oil black 500ml

Product no.: Bense 2211

B&E leather oil black

liquid care product for smooth leather of all kinds, such as saddlery, motorcycle and workwear

Content 500ml

6.95 *
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