Parisol Natural Hoof Oil with brush

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Parisol Natural Hoof Oil with brush from Bense&Eicke

Breathable valuable hoof care with 100% natural hoof care oil
Valuable care formula containing nourishing avocado oil and antibacterial and antifungal oregano oil.

Keeps the hoof horn healthy, elastic and promotes horn stability.

The water balance of the hoof remains intact, allows moisture into the hoof and binds it.

Daily use keeps the hoof healthy, elastic and prevents hoof diseases. Quick help with dry and cracked hooves.

500 ml brush bottle, bulk container on request
Ingredients: rape oil, castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and oregano oil.


Product Note Status Price
Parisol Natural Hoof Cream Parisol Natural Hoof Cream
12.95 € *
Parisol Maukosan Parisol Maukosan
16.95 € *
Anti # sloth 150ml Anti # sloth 150ml
11.95 € *
Enja´s # Pony pedicure 500ml Enja´s # Pony pedicure 500ml
13.35 € *
Parisol Laurel Oil Express Parisol Laurel Oil Express
19.95 € *
Parisol Hoof Ointment green Parisol Hoof Ointment green
2.00 € *
Parisol Hoof Oil Parisol Hoof Oil
11.95 € *
Parisol Hoof Tar Spray 200 ml Parisol Hoof Tar Spray 200 ml
11.95 € *
Parisol hoof spray 150 ml Parisol hoof spray 150 ml
11.95 € *
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