Equitherm thermal gaiters

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Equitherm thermal gaiter for cooling and warming without water

For cooling or heating without moisture

Relaxing warmth or refreshing coolness: The reusable Equitherm thermal gaiter is ideal for cooling or warming horse legs. The cooling or warming effect lasts for several hours. Particularly noteworthy is the secure fit on the bony leg, which is achieved by the anatomical shaping. The integrated Velcro closures make it easy to put on.

For easy cleaning the gaiter is simply washed with water.

The Equitherm thermal gaiter has the important advantage that it can not soften and soften the skin as well as a possible hair loss.

Warm application:

Equitherm is simply heated in a warm water bath (up to 80 ° C) or in the microwave (up to 300 ° C) in 30 seconds intervals until the desired temperature is reached.

Cold Application:

Put the Equitherm Thermo-Gamasche in the refrigerator for the next cold application for a few hours. It is important to ensure that the Equitherm thermo-gaiter is not frozen.

Plastics and foils can become hard and brittle under excessive refrigeration and therefore break. If the gaiter should freeze, bend, stretch or heat it, then allow it to thaw.

Equitherm thermal leggings can be used repeatedly for many years.

The thermogel in the gaiter is completely non-toxic.


For the horse, unacceptably high or low temperatures can be buffered by placing a cloth under the gaiter. The gaiter can be overbanded for increased support and increased protection against damage. An additional bandage pad over the gaiter extends the effectiveness through the improved insulation.

Tip: Equitherm can of course also provide the rider with the best service.

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