Lunging pad USG

Lunging pad USG

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Lunging belt underlay USG

The lunging pad is an elementary component of the lunging equipment which must not be missing. The lunging pad not only acts as a buffer between the lunging belt and the sensitive horse's back, it also considerably improves the position of the belt and prevents it from slipping.

    quilted lunging pad
    with a thick 500g filling
    made of thermoregulating polyester
    underlaid with soft teddy fur
    with embroidery on the velcro fastener
    extra wide velcro fasteners for best grip

Colours: black

Measures: Pony: Length: 82cm - Width: 22cm; Whole blood/Warm blood: Length: 117 cm - Width: 29 cm

Outer material & filling: 100% polyester


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Length adjustable lunge Length adjustable lunge
33.95 *
Neoprene lunging belt Neoprene lunging belt
33.95 *
Lunging belt brown Lunging belt brown
29.95 *
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