CoraLe training system

CoraLe training system

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CoraLe Training System

The black training strap can be individually adapted to each horse. The length is adjustable from 1.50 to 3 meters. Made of special stretchy elastic material, ideal for the gymnastics of the horse and to promote muscle building.

With two hooks for hanging into the lungeing girth or saddle girth.


It is correct to choose a band that is long enough to fit evenly around the hindquarters when the horse is standing. In movement, this creates an even contact which draws the horse's attention to its own hindquarters. In no case pull around the hindquarters by force, as soon as force is needed to hook the strap is too short. If the strap is too loose, it will have no training effect and will dangle around the hocks and risk injury.
The training band encourages the horse to consciously use his hindquarters, to continue to step under with his hindquarters and thus to arch his back.

The framing of the hindquarters helps some horses to find their balance better. In some horses it can be observed that the hind hooves do not follow in the footsteps of the front hooves, but diagonally beside them. The backhand bandage can also help here.

The contact with the soft bandage can prepare sensitive horses for the touches of a double lunge or to the rear harness when driving in.


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