Agrobs Pure zinc 800 g can

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Agrob's pure zinc for horses

 800 g can

Skin problems, e.g. Mauke or summer faeces, bad hooves, allergies, problems with coat changes, or a weakened immune system can be signs of zinc deficiency.

With AGROBS pure zinc, a lack of zinc can be sensibly compensated. Zinc pur provides high-availability organically bound zinc, which can be optimally utilized by the body.

The selected composition with hot-air dried meadows grasses and herbs as well as linseed makes zinc pure particularly tasty and is also accepted by meckling horses.

Zinc pure is free from grain and molasses

For the targeted compensation of a zinc deficiency
Pure organic zinc
For skin, fur and hooves
For the immune system

feeding recommendation

5 g per 100 kg BWW / day
Gross horses: 30 g / daily (600 kg BWW)
Small horses: 20 g / daily (400 kg KGW)
(1 coated measuring spoon = approx. 20 g)

Complementary feed for horses

Prenatura dry grass fibers, linseed

Crude protein 8.8%
Crude fiber 23.2%
Crude oils and fats 1.7%
Crude ash 9.3%

Nutritional physiological additives:
12,000 mg zinc in protein hydrolyzate zinc chelate (3b612)


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