Fly Protection Clac

Fly Protection Clac

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Fly protection Clac against mosquitoes, punches (brakes) and ticks!

With selected natural AROMASTOS

Contents 500ml or 1000ml
Manufacturer: CLAC

Ingredients: Contains per 100 g: 5 g Icaridine, 0.2 g lavender oil.

New, special formulation provides long-lasting protection

And gives your horse a relaxed, trouble-free pasture and horseback ride as well as a fly-free, concentrated work.

Selected care substances protect and care at the same time the skin and the coat of your horse
Apply with a sprayer, cloth or sponge.
Is inserted against the line and then with the line in the fur. Do not connect with your eyes.

Tip: This product is not only suitable for animals, but also for humans (riders, drivers, etc.).

CLAC keeps flies, brakes, ticks and other corkscrews away from your horse with modern active ingredients and natural lavender oil. At the same time, the combination of natural lavender oil and selected care components ensure the protection and care of skin and skin.

Clac Fly Protection Deodorant is a safe and safe flyscreen for the direct application on the horse. The novel active ingredient reliably distributes flies, brakes and other insects

Note: In very sensitive horses (allergies, skin intolerances), skin reactions can occur in rare cases.
Immediately discontinue application immediately after skin reactions. If incompatibilities are known, we advise you to test the remedy in a small place in order to await possible skin reactions. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes of the user and the horse! In case of eye contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, consult a physician.

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