care products

care products

care products

No matter what care products,

Whether shampoo, lotion, coat spray with tea tree oil

Insect repellents or feedingstuffs,

With us you will find everything for the care

And the health of your hors

Soulhorse Edition

Soulhorse Edition

10 care products in the proven Bense & Eicke quality in Soulhorse design

Naturalness is written in large letters:

insect protection

insect protection

Highly effective insect protection, spray, gel or fly corners, you will find everything for the defense of the annoying plague glands

Cooling Gel

Cooling Gel

Cooling and care gel with and without camphor, you will find everything for the care and health of your horse



Effective agents against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Indispensable for disinfection in the barn.

skin care

skin care

Mild care products for sensitive horse skin. Particularly suitable for the application in case of skin problems

Hair and fur care

Hair and fur care

Care products for the coat and the mane, such as horse shampoo, skin care and anti-zipping

Leather and textile care

Leather and textile care

Caring agents for leather and textile care, such as special lamb and leather shampoo, leather care and leather oil

Hoof care

Hoof care

Only daily hoof care ensures healthy hooves and a healthy horse!

Your horse is inevitably dependent on a healthy hoof


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Eczema skin lotion

Product no.: Pro 8701

Eczema skin lotion Support in the healing process

With selected natural AROMASTOS

Contents 500ml

25.90 *

Laurel oil for hooves

Product no.: Pro 8710

Laurel oil for hooves

Prevents diseases when used regularly

Content 500ml, manufacturer: Scheidler

31.95 *

Aluspray, 200ml

Product no.: Pro 8296

Aluspray by pharmaka Horse fitform

Respiratory active, film-forming aluminum micronisate spray

Spray 200ml

15.90 *
In stock

Eye Care with MSM

Product no.: Pro 8291

Eye Care with MSM by pharmaka Horse fitform

Care and cleaning for the sensitive eye area.

Bottle with 100ml

16.90 *

Quilted Bandamull Wadding

Product no.: Pro 8174

Quilted Bandamull Watte by pharmaka Horse fitform

Fully washable with "NATURAL"

Size 30x40 cm, 40x55 cm, 30x80 cm

16.90 *

Pedocan hoof oil

Product no.: Pro 8131

Pedocan hoof oil by pharmaka Horse fitform

Breathable full hoof care
for daily use

Oil 500ml

15.95 *

Equitherm thermal gaiters

Product no.: GR 390181

Equitherm thermal gaiter

For cooling and heating without water

Secure fit on the bones through anatomical shaping

31.95 *

Parisol Horse Stop

Product no.: GR 390056

Parisol Horse Stop

Bite and nibble protection with the active substance: Bitrex

Size: paste, 500ml; 200ml spray can

9.95 *
Current daily price

EQUISTOP Liquid against nibbling

Product no.: GR 390052

EQUISTOP Liquid against nibbling

Protects all objects from the most bitter material in the world.

Size: 450ml spray can, 2l, 5l, 10l

10.00 *
Current daily price

Parisol Anti-Itch

Product no.: GR 390071

Parisol Anti-Itch Against itching & cough
aloe vera, tea tree & lavender oil, and much more
Size: Spray bottle 500ml, 2,5l canister

16.95 *

EQUIDOUX Tincture against scrub

Product no.: GR 390069

EQUIDOUX Tincture against tail and mane scrub

For fur, tail and mane

Size: Spray bottle 500ml, 5l canister

13.90 *

Parisol Hoof Oil

Product no.: Bense 808

Parisol Hoof Oil in Brush Bottle

Breathable full hoof care for daily use

Oil 500ml

11.95 *
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