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Marstall Mash ToGo - Support for digestion

The digestive system of horses is a sensitive system and can easily get mixed up. Stable changes, weather changes or other stress situations can quickly hit horses on the stomach. A warm mash can quickly create relief and is eaten by almost all horses not only on cold winter days.

Marstall Mash ToGo at a glance:

    1-3 per week also preventive as normal horse feed
    for digestive problems and convalescence
    stimulates appetite, digestion and metabolism
    no added sugar extra sweetness from stevia leaves
    enriched with valuable minerals and ingredients
    in practical portion bag, no annoying cooking, very short swelling times
    pure natural ingredients such as linseed, dried apple marc, bran, etc.
    high content of unsaturated fatty acids
    Flax mucins can have a positive effect on the stomach and intestinal mucous membranes.
    easily digestible ready-to-use mixture according to tried and tested recipe

Mash has a tradition in horse feeding

With the old stable masters the horse feed consisted mostly of a mixture of wheat bran, linseed and oats. During boiling, the valuable mucilage dissolves from the grain. The warm porridge is wrapped around the intestinal walls and dietary fibres ensure that the food is transported more quickly. The horse feels a clear relief.
Marstall Mash ToGo

Luckily, nobody has to cook any more today, because there are great ready-mixes that are also mixed, with a longer brewing time, fed. In addition, the Mash ToGo has a high-quality addition of vitamins and minerals. Which are enriched with other valuable ingredients. Marstall Mash ToGo only needs to be infused with warm water. Marstall's Mash Sweet comes from sliced stevia leaves and is therefore a special Mash product.
Ingredients (/kg) from Marstall Mash ToGo:

Raw protein 11.90%
Energy (DE) 12,50 MJ/kg
digestible crude protein 8,90%
Calcium 0,50%
Crude fat 7.50%
Phosphorus 0,30%
Crude fibre 7.30%
Sodium 0.30
Raw ash 4,20%
magnesium 0,20%

Hydrothermally digested cereal flakes:
Barley flakes (48 %)

Composition of Marstall Mash ToGo:

Flaked barley (48 %), wheat bran (17 %), linseed (10 %), linseed extraction meal (10 %), fruit pomace (apple) (10 %), vegetable oil from rapeseed raff. (2 %), calcium carbonate (1 %), sodium chloride (0,5 %)

Marstall Mash ToGo Feeding recommendation:

Mash for digestive regulation:
Small horse/pony approx. 0.5 kg per day
Whole blood approx. 0.75 kg per day
Warmblood approx. 1.0 kg per day
Prepare 1?3 times per week approx. 0.5?1.0 kg Mash in a bucket of hot water.

e.g. 1L Mash (1 litre = approx. 0.5 kg Mash) with 1L hot water. Allow to brew for approx. 15?20 minutes before feeding, then stir well and feed lukewarm.
Marstall MashToGo is particularly suitable:

    after colics, constipations, operations, worm cures
    diarrhoea, weather changes, feed changes
    during the change of coat in spring and autumn
    for all heavy-fed horses
    for horses with bit and chewing problems as well as senior horses
    for regeneration after illness, competition, foal birth, use of blankets generally in case of stress and great efforts
    as a snack before debit
    for a change


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