Rear enclosure for cumming collar

Rear enclosure for cumming collar

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Additional rear socket for the bead of the collar pad

Available in different colors - red, green, blue, brown, black, or similar

For simplicity, the work collar and cushioning collar are divided into three categories:

K 43-51 cm; M 51.5 - 61 cm; G 61.5 - 81 cm !!!

The collars are generally only bordered in the front with colored leather
Please enter your order. Whether you want to have a border at the back of the bead and in what color

Custom-made cushions and binding are made especially for your Kumt !!!

Delivery time approx. 3 - 8 weeks, special products are excluded from the return,

Deposit required

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Kumtmaße K 43 - 51 cm


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Cumming pad with socket Cumming pad with socket
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