Sprenger Bits

Sprenger Bits

Harmonious riding begins with the right bit.

SPRENGER products are premium products

The bit transmits the rider's aids to the horse and thus functions as a means of communication between the two. The mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the horse's body, so it is important to treat it with care and attention.

A bit must be adapted to the individual characteristics of the horse's mouth and must not press or chafe, nor be uncomfortable for the horse. In combination with a correct buckling of the noseband, the natural, grinding chewing movement of the horse during riding is allowed.
A suitable bit effectively transmits the aids of the rider to the horse. It enables optimal communication between rider and horse and is a prerequisite for the correct basic training of both.

Sprenger, for example, is a pioneer in the development of bit forms which, based on scientific research and practical tests by professionals, are specially adapted to the anatomical conditions in the horse's mouth.

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Rein chains for harness

Product no.: Pro 7199

Bridle chains made of stainless steel / galvanized steel by Sprenger

Connection between driving bit and driving line

different length

39.95 / pair(s) *
1 pair(s) = 34.95 €
In stock

Snap hooks from Sprenger

Product no.: Pro W5011 4844002539

Large snap hook from Sprenger

ideal for harnesses as "fast" connections

String take-up 27mm, length 75mm

3.95 *
In stock

Small Snap hooks from Sprenger

Product no.: Pro W5011 4855001645

Mini carabiner from Sprenger

Stainless steel - hand polished - chrome plated

String take-up 17mm, length 43mm

3.45 *
In stock

KK ULTRA Double broken Liverpool curb

Product no.: Sprenger 43172

KK ULTRA Double broken Liverpool curb

Thickness 18mm - Material Sensogan

width 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm

239.95 *

HO Liverpool curb bit 19mm - Aurigan

Product no.: Sprenger 43168

HO Liverpool curb with a slight freedom of tongue

Width 125mm, 135mm,

Thickness 19mm Material Aurigan

229.95 *

Liverpool curbbit with tongue clearance

Product no.: Sprenger 43144

Liverpool curb bit with slight tongue clearance

Size: 125mm, 135mm, 145mm

fixed side parts made of stainless steel

66.95 *

Sprenger wilson snaffle with 4 rings

Sprenger wilson snaffle with 4 rings

thickness 20 mm, ring Ø 65mm

sizes: 125mm; 135mm; 145mm

39.95 *
In stock

loose-ring snaffle for shetland

loose-ring snaffle for shetland

with particularly small rings, thickness: approx. 15 mm

sizes: 95mm, 105mm, 115mm

24.95 *
In stock

CM Liverpool curb bit

Product no.: Sprenger 43179

CM Liverpool curb bit 16 mm - Sensogan

Size 125mm, 135mm, 145mm

Thickness 16mm with fixed side panels


239.95 *

Fixed Liverpool curb bits18mm

Product no.: Sprenger 43188

KK Liverpool curb bit 18 mm - Sensogan

fixed side parts with 2 slots

Size 120mm, 130mm, 140mm

239.95 *

Liverpool curb bit with curved mouthpiece

Product no.: Sprenger 4314613540

Liverpool curb bit with curved mouthpiece

Width 135mm, 145mm

Thickness 16 mm Material Argentan

199.95 *

Post bit 16 mm - stainless steel

Product no.: Sprenger 4310913556

Post curb - thickness 16mm

made of high-quality stainless steel with fixed side parts

Sizes: 135 mm; 145 mm

66.95 *

Sprenger Liverpool curb bit with straight bar

Product no.: Sprenger4314013556

Sprenger Liverpool curb bit with straight bar

size: 135mm, thickness 16mm

completely made of stainless steel

62.95 *

Stainless steel post curb for ponies

Product no.: Sprenger 43098

Sprenger Stainless steel post curb for ponies

thickness 12mm - width 90mm

with movable side parts

41.95 *

Stainless steel post curb 185mm

Product no.: Sprenger Kaltblut Sonderanfertigung

Sprenger Stainless steel post curb for Draft

thickness 16mm - width 185mm

with movable side parts

86.00 *
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In stock

Stainless steel post curb

Product no.: Sprenger 4311017056

Sprenger Stainless steel post curb

thickness 16mm - movable side parts

width 125, 135, 145, 160, 170mm

62.95 *
In stock
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