Various dashes and accessories in proficiency quality
Groundwork is one of the most important principles

when dealing with your horse

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Rope for contact stick

Product no.: HiTack 1827

Rope for contact stick with leather ends

Colours: black, dark green, blue-mottled, red-mottled, white

19.95 *

Rope 4m

Product no.: HiTack 1825

Groundwork knit in heavy coach quality

With leather ends and bullsnap

Rope Length: approx. 4 m

48.55 *

Rope in serious proficiency

Product no.: HiTack 1826

Trainer Rope in heavy proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy snap hook

Length: approx. 7 m

59.95 *

Contact stick ProCheval

Product no.: Pro W 6000

Length: approx. 125 cm (stick) + 180 cm (rope)

Fabric covered fiberglass skirt

With rubberized handle

15.95 *

Training rope

Product no.: Pro W 5007

Training knit in proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy, chrome-plated carabiner hook

Length: approx. 4.25 m (white with red 'dots')

24.95 *
29.90 €
You save 17 %

Biothane Longreins

Product no.: Art. 0021 Biothane

Long reins made of sturdy, tear-proof, weatherproof Biothane;

Total length should be 2x horse length + 1,50m

also available as ladies reins

19.95 *
1 piece(s) = 17.98 €
In stock

Neck strap of chrome leather

Product no.: Pro 5015

Very stable neck strap made of chrome leather

Length: approx. 115cm; Width: 5cm Color: light

Stable D-ring for attaching the knit

22.95 *
29.90 €
You save 23 %

Ground work Westernrope with bullsnap 8m

Product no.: GR 270060 Active

Groundwork knit Western-Rope with Bullsnap

soft, non-slip outer material and solid inner core

Length: 8m Ø 15mm,

19.95 *
In stock

Ground work rope Westernrope with bullsnap

Product no.: GR 270174

Ground work knit Western-Rope Lime with Bullsnap

Spiral-braided mid-weight working knit in fresh color

Length: 4.25m; 14 ft

22.95 *
In stock

Westernrope Blue with Snap Karabiner

Product no.: GR 270062 Active

Westernrope Blue with Snap Karabiner

Soft grippy outer material, firm inner core

Length: 4,50m, thickness: 18mm

11.95 *
In stock

Westernrope "RED Bull" with Bullsnap

Product no.: GR 270061

Westernrope "RED Bull" with Bullsnap

Spiral-braided knitwork knit with a fixed inner core

Length: 4.5m, Diameter: 18mm,

18.95 *
In stock

Colourful lunging whip 180cm with blow

Product no.: HG 1630 043

Colorful lunging whip 180cm with blow

Length:180 cm (stick) + 230 cm (rope)

Colours: yellow, orange, royal blue, pink, blackberry, green

15.95 *
In stock

Biothane Longreins with reflector strips

Product no.: Art. 0030 ComfiCord

Long reins made of weatherproof PVC-coated fabric and reflector

with rein snaps at the ends

Total length approx. 2x horse length + 1,50m

4.95 *
In stock
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