Grain cushions Heat cuddly toys

Grain cushions Heat cuddly toys

100% cuddly outside, 100% natural inside!

With a Warmies® you always have the good feeling to be completely safe: they are absolutely free from harmful substances.

All colors are harmless and the natural fillings and high quality materials are best processed.
Warmies® contain a microwave-safe and heat-resistant heat filling from natural ingredients.
The specially developed, natural, unique millet-lavender mixture has a soothing, relaxing and soothing effect.

For relaxation, a herb has grown! Lavender is known for its gentle effect during restlessness and falling asleep. The scent reminds of Mediterranean countries and thus of holidays, warmth and sun

Millet We use pure millet to fill the Warmies®. After harvest, the natural grain is dedusted, cleaned, filtered and specially heat-treated. This reduces the humidity optimally. The grain is then further treated until the microwave has been tested.
Herbs Our soothing herbal filling consisting of rosemary, lemongrass, spearmint, lavender provides a refreshing and pleasant smell. The herbs contained are soothing and relaxing. As a fragrance variant for our lavender mixture, our herbal filling has already found many followers. The herbs in the heat fillings are carefully selected and are subject to a lasting quality control.
Plush The Warmies plush materials are cuddly soft and are 100% microwaveable (100% polyester). As a fabric, plush is made similar to velvet. In contrast to this, plush has a much higher but less dense fiber pile. Children love plush - because it is one of the softest materials ever. Therefore, it is also suitable for the very youngest, who could be injured with wooden or plastic toys. Moreover, plush is relatively easy to maintain and washable at 30 ° in the machine.

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Warmies ® Mini Bear "Sunny" with scarf + name

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Warmies ® Dog "Gary" with scarf + name

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Teddy neck cloth embroidered

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