horse corners

horse corners Mini Horse

horse corners Mini Horse

High quality horse covers for perfect protection on cool days.

Horse covers in any style also embroidered possible with brand names, motifs and names

Sweating, rain, flying, outdoor and winter blankets

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New Fleece blanket from USG

Product no.: USG 15300007

Fleece blanket from USG

Colour: Plum, black, dark green, grey, navy, blackberry

Size: 95cm, 105cm, 115cm, 125cm, 135cm, 145cm, 155cm, 165cm 

18.95 *

Luxury sweat blanket with trademark

Product no.: Pro 4003 Brand

Embroidered with your lovley branding

High-quality fleece,

Sizes: 65 - 185 cm, in many fancy colors,

47.95 *
In stock

New Miniline blanket "My Little Pony"

Product no.: GR 130053

Miniline Sweat Blanket "My Little Pony"

perfect for Minis Shettys and American Miniature Horses

Sizes : 75cm, 85cm, 95cm,105cm


12.95 *
In stock

Miniline Outdoor Blanket "Vino"

Product no.: G 130037 Dinaro

Breathable, wind and waterproof

For Minishetty and American miniature horses.
Size: 60, 70, 80 cm

49.95 *
69.90 €
You save 29 %
In stock

Luxury sweat blanket ProCheval

Size 65 - 185cm, in fancy colors,

High-quality non-woven fabric with re-

Crossbows, walking folds, tail straps, chestnuts

32.95 *
In stock

Sweat blanket with name embroidery

Product no.: Pro 4003 bestickt

Embroidered with name of your choice

Sizes: 65 - 185 cm, in fancy colors

Add accents with Swarovski crystals

49.95 *
1 piece(s) = 46.95 €
In stock

Thermo - Raincover Navy

Waterproof rip stop outdoormaterial

Without back seam, with non-woven padding

Sizes: 75 - 175 cm, color: dark blue

40.00 *
68.95 €
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You save 42 %
In stock

Sweat blanket Miniline

Product no.: G 130039

The sweat blanket for American minipeds and minishetlands!

Sizes: 60, 70, 80 cm

color: Dark blue

29.90 *
In stock

Blanket belt embroidered with name

Embroidered with wording,

Different colors possible

Suitable for all horse sizes (width: 7,5 cm)

17.95 *
In stock

Lint and ceiling brush

Product no.: Pro 6040

Rectangular plastic brush with handle;

And special soft rubber battens (length: approx. 3.5 cm)

Ideal for removing animal hair and lint

8.95 *

Sweat blanket Miniline

Product no.: GR 130007

The sweat blanket for American minipeds and minishetlands!

Sizes: 60, 70cm

color: Dark blue

28.95 *
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