Spanish baroque riding

Spanish baroque riding

Spanish baroque riding

In the classic Baroque horse riding,

fine riding with minimal aids is striven for,

that suitable accessories are with us

Clothing & Spurs

Clothing & Spurs

Discover your style with practical Western clothing

In all sizes for Ladies, Kids and Gentleman

Stirrups & Straps

Stirrups & Straps

Stirrups and Stirrup Belts various models
From many different materials and leather straps

classic bridles

classic bridles

Spanish and baroque bridles in select good leather quality
Developed in cooperation of German and Swedish specialists



breastplate from the best leather complete your Westernoutfit
All sizes from Shetland to draft

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western Leatherhalter Butch Cassidy

Product no.: GR 180066 Newcastle

Western Leather Halter Butch Cassidy

adjustable neck and chin straps on both sides;

with elaborately worked hallmarks and buckles

49.95 *

Spanish cross-breed "Serreta"

Product no.: Pro 2613

spanish "Serreta"

From exquisite Spanish leather in best workmanship,

Medium size whole blood + light warm blood

43.95 *
In stock


Product no.: Pro W9120

Traditional great Spanish Mosqueros

With 25 knots on 5 strands

Handmade from real horse hair

22.90 *
26.90 €
You save 15 %


Tapaderos made of strong, solid leather

They prevent slipping in the stirrup

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

26.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

Measuring grid for saddle fitting

Product no.: Art. Nr: 1849[1]

Rental fee for a saddle measuring grid

to determine the size

there are stopping points for chamber size, swing, length of a saddle

25.00 *
Not in stock

Western spurs with ball head

Product no.: Pro W9007

Western spurs with ball head

In severe proficiency,

With side silver ornaments and short neck (45 mm)

39.95 / 2 piece(s) *

Baroque saddle pad

Product no.: GR 200114 Countesse

Baroque saddle pad Countesse

elaborately quilted saddle pad with anatomical cut

Full dressage, full versatility

29.95 *

Angel fur saddle

Product no.: Engel FELLSA

Treeless Angel Lambskin Saddle

suitable for teenagers and adults

Horses from stick size approx. 135cm 

289.95 *

Treeless fur saddle pony

Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R1

Treeless Fur Saddle Pony

for particularly intense riding sensation

Almost any horse can be ridden with the fur saddle

249.95 *

Angel (lamb) fur saddle Ibero

Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R3

Treeless Angel Lambskin Saddle

for freedom of movement

Especially suitable for horses that are still muscularly strongly changing.

289.95 *

western Leatherhalter Jesse James

Product no.: GR 180068 Sterling

Western Leather Halter Jesse James

adjustable neck and chin straps on both sides;

with elaborately worked hallmarks and buckles

49.95 *

Western spurs with brass wheel

Product no.: Pro W9001

Western spurs with  brass wheel

In severe proficiency,

Made of stainless steel,Sold in pairs

22.95 / 2 piece(s) *
In stock

10 Strass mane hair gum

Product no.: GR 190245

Strass mane overcoat 10 pcs.

double-breasted with fine rhinestones in white

single row with fine rhinestones in multicolored

15.95 *
In stock

Leather halter tartan

Product no.: GR 180080 Titanium

Leather halter tartan

in precious quilt-look with 8 rhinestones

Size: Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full

24.95 *

western Leatherhalter Color

Product no.: GR 270208 Colourfull

Western Leather Halter Color

Leather cheekpieces and nosebands

and with eye-catching print and glittering stones

19.95 *
In stock
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