Hiking trails

Hiking trails

Hiking trails

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for hiking and transport

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Iceland saddle trekking saddle

Product no.: G 200057 Basic Vestur

Ideal as a hiking saddle

Seat Size: 18 " , Chamber width: wide 34cm

ripple saddle with costumes

219.95 *

Self-adhesive bandages EquiLASTIC

Product no.: GR 120001

Self-adhesive bandages EquiLASTIC

Strong, Flexible, Easy to Use

width ca.10cm different Colors

2.95 *

Muzzle ProCheval

Product no.: Pro E 9781

Extremely stable muzzle ProCheval

Adjustable on the throat strap by means of sliding buckles;

Sizes pony or warm blood / whole blood

28.90 *
37.90 €
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Food bag

Product no.: Pro E 9780*

Canvas bag made of sturdy Natural color canvas,

With breathing holes;

With adjustable neck section

13.95 *
In stock

Trailer - nylon tether

Product no.: Pro E 9728

Trailer - nylon tether for horses in trailer

Length adjustable from approx. 60 cm to 120 cm
Color: Black

8.95 *

Grazer Bit

Product no.: Pro W 2206

Handcrafted Grazer bit made of sturdy stainless steel

Allows the horse to graze with teeth in the mouth,

Height: 12,5 cm


38.95 *

Muzzle Nylon

Product no.: GR 230054

stable muzzle Nylon

Adjustable on the throat strap by means of sliding buckles;

Sizes pony or warm blood / whole blood

22.90 *


Tapaderos made of strong, solid leather

They prevent slipping in the stirrup

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

26.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

Trail riding bridle

Trail riding bridle

Practical combination of riding bridle and halter

Sizes: whole blood, warm blood, cold blood

49.95 *

Treeless fur saddle pony

Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R1

Treeless Fur Saddle Pony

for particularly intense riding sensation

Almost any horse can be ridden with the fur saddle

249.95 *

Angel (lamb) fur saddle Ibero

Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R3

Treeless Angel Lambskin Saddle

for freedom of movement

Especially suitable for horses that are still muscularly strongly changing.

289.95 *

Endurance riding - Tips for beginners

Product no.: Art. 0000 Distanzreiten

Endurance riding - Tips for beginners

published by Cadmos Verlag GmbH

Paperback, German, 32 pages

3.00 *
5.95 €
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In stock

Trekking saddle pad "Mountain"

Product no.: GR 200116 Mount

Trekking saddle pad "Mountain"

with large side pocket on the left side

Colours: black, navy, red

24.95 *

New Bitless bridle "Connection" by USG

Product no.: USG 1400 0028

Bitless bridle "Connection" by USG + web reins

The gentle alternative to riding with teeth.

Size Pony, Cob, Full

76.95 *
81.95 €
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In stock

Electricity device Hiking rider set

Product no.: GR 260318

Rider set complete with

Battery unit, handle, aluminium rods,

Clamping rubbers, screw-on insulators, packing bag


312.95 *

Electric fence compact B100 6V

Product no.: GR 260023

Electric fence compact B100 6V

for approx. 2 km fence length without vegetation

ideal for trekking and tournaments

178.95 *

Electricity device AKO Compact Power B 140

Product no.: GR 260320

Power unit AKO Compact Power B 140

the inexpensive entry-level 9 Volt battery device for mobile use

optional operation with 12 Volt battery possible


139.95 *

Power unit AKO Mobil Power AD 3000 Akku

Product no.: GR 260325

Power supply AKO Mobil Power AD 3000 Battery

powerful 12 Volt rechargeable battery device for mobile, extreme use

... can also be used for wildlife defence!


545.95 *
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