Gemstone Donut Mix 20mm

Gemstone Donut Mix 20mm

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1x Gemstone donut with healing effect

Donuts are the oldest forms of stones, besides the drum stones. Donuts are originally a Chinese protective symbol, which is supposed to keep the negative away from us and to attract the positive through its form to the positive aspects of the stone.

Each donut is handmade. The stone is carefully selected, shaped and drilled. Only experts with years of experience can make these donuts. Here you will find many gemstone varieties processed to these donuts. As always, the stones of the donuts are untreated and therefore powerful helpers.

Rose quartz, magnesite, landscape jasper, moss agate, crazy lace agate, snowflake obsidian,

Fluorite green, aragonite, magnesite turquoise, serpentine, rhodonite, jasper red, tiger iron, leopard jasper,

Obsidian black, blue quartz, rainbow jasper, mookaite, agate banded, sodalite, aventurine,

haematin, rhyolite, silver leaf jasper, unakit, fossil coral & fossil wood

A-Quality Size: 20mm


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Gemstone Donut Tigereye and Holder Gemstone Donut Tigereye and Holder
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