Gemstone Donut Tigereye and Holder

Gemstone Donut Tigereye and Holder

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Gemstone Donut Tigereye

diameter 35mm on request with holder

Origin: South Africa

Healing effect: Tiger's eye is the stone of contemplation and cosiness. It makes it possible to regenerate exhausted forces and helps to find distance to the everyday hustle and bustle.

Tiger eye gives courage, protection and security. It refines the senses and gives distance with ambiguities, lets thereby with these the overview keep and helps with the making of important decisions. It protects by more balance against influences such as stress, load, doubts or changing mood. In this way also problems can be solved with the help of the tiger eye. In addition, tiger eye increases the concentration, helps with fears or depressions and lets keep groundedness.

Zodiac sign: Virgo
Origin of Tiger Eye

Tiger-eye develops with the weathering of falcon-eye. By pseudomorphosis, with which stored crocidolite is replaced by the mineral quartz, tiger eye forms. Sometimes crocidolite can be transformed into another iron mineral by oxidation. By this special way of origin it can occur that falcon eye and tiger eye are found united in a stone. Tiger eye belongs as quartz to the mineral class of oxides.


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