neck extender

neck extender

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The neck extender is a bridle of completely elastic material,

Which is fastened on one side to the saddle-belt under the saddle-leaf, then pulled through the neck-rings over the neck,

On the other side again through the Trensenring back to the other saddle strap.

Instead of fastening directly underneath the saddle plate is also the passage between the front legs

With attachment to the saddle strap under the chest.

As the name implies, the horseman is supposed to seduce the horses from leaning on the front to the front.


In particular, the resilience of the rein leads to the exact opposite: the horse either learns to lie down on the reins,

Or it creeps behind the reins. Taking the desired position does not have any effects that would make it more comfortable for the horse. The reins is therefore largely rejected.

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