One horse with French cuff

One horse with French cuff

Product no.: Pro 7002 FRA
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The stable cattle leather harness consists of:

Franz: collar with trunking, driving with or without flaps,

Selett, Hintergeschirr, Schweifriemen, Zugsträngen, Einpännerleine

The cuff is extra strong and understated, all straps are nylon reinforced,

Pull strings are 4-fold sewn,

Collar, comb cover and waist belt are covered with soft leather.

High quality fittings made of stainless steel!

The harness is compiled according to the size of your horse ...
Here you can find our measurement chart

Special designs are also possible! But are excluded from the return

Color: Black

Sizes: Pony, cob, full, draft

A well-fitting crotch harness is pleasant for a horse,

Since the weight is distributed over three traction points


Warmblut 53 - 58 cm in height, 29 cm wide

draft 56 - 61cm in height, 31 cm wide

Also order spare parts ...

Additional product information

Farbe Schwarz
Anspannung Einspänner


Product Note Status Price
1-Spänner English cramping harness 1-Spänner English cramping harness
999.95 € *
collar for donkeys collar for donkeys
549.95 € *
Donkey harness with collar Donkey harness with collar
749.95 € *
pointed collar pointed collar
Cumming cushion natural Cumming cushion natural
Rheinisches collar Rheinisches collar
949.00 € *
Horns collar with bib Horns collar with bib
1,399.95 € *
English collar DeLuxe English collar DeLuxe
249.95 € *
Goat collar harness Goat collar harness
144.95 € *
Cumming pad with socket Cumming pad with socket
Noble LGD pointed collar Noble LGD pointed collar
999.95 € *
Horns collar for crockery Horns collar for crockery
1,249.95 € *
French Harness DeLuxe French Harness DeLuxe
389.95 € *
Cap for French cummings Cap for French cummings
54.95 € *
collar belt collar belt
12.95 € *
two horse with French cuff two horse with French cuff
2,499.95 € / set(s) *
pointed collar Tiroler Art pointed collar Tiroler Art
899.95 € *
Harnessbelt for working collar Harnessbelt for working collar
84.95 € *
French collar XXL French collar XXL
429.95 € *
French collar 43-48cm French collar 43-48cm
250.00 € *
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