EquiGreen herbs

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High quality and well digestible herbs

Support for any problem

Cardiovascular system, digestion and metabolism, growth, fur and skin problems, older animals, metabolic problems (coat changes) and allergies, hoof problems and respiratory-sensitive horses.

EquiGreen herbs meet the high requirements of cdVet natural products
Vitamins have a central importance in many metabolic processes, protect the body from free radicals and strengthen immune defense
No waste products and fillers
Free of synthetic vitamins, inorganic bound and artificially produced organic minerals and trace elements
Supply of vital minerals, trace elements, vitamins exclusively via high-quality natural raw materials
High-quality plant and herbal supplements are the same as herbalism on today's pastures
Minerals are of elementary importance to make bones, tendons, joints, and the muscles resilient and strong and also maintain.
Preventive protection against metabolic disorders

Important!!! All products are also coordinated.

Their horses (all other animals also) have different feed additives, which can be avoided from the outset, depending on the performance requirement and the individuality of the animals. Important !!! All products are also coordinated.

Store hygienically, dry and cool!


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Parisol Herbal Elixir Parisol Herbal Elixir
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Parisol Elektrolyt Power-Liquid Parisol Elektrolyt Power-Liquid
19.95 € *
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