Saddle accessories

Saddle accessories for English saddles

Saddle accessories for English saddles

Saddle accessories for every saddle
Wrist strap, tail strap holder, tail strap eyelet, saddle holder

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Wrist straps for saddles

Wrist straps Suitable for all saddles

From shetty to draft

With snap hook in brown or black

27.95 *

Foldable saddle holder

Product no.: Pro E 9700

Saddle holder for the appropriate storage of the saddles

Mounting on the wall

Especially space-saving copy

16.90 *
Not in stock

Wrist strap holder

Product no.: Pro 1004 HA

Made of sturdy, double leather

Suitable for all common English saddles

Color: black, brown

6.90 *

Wrist strap eyelet

Product no.: Pro 1004 Ö

Is screwed on the back of the saddle

For the attachment of tailpipes

Material: Chrome plated, brass

2.45 *

Saddle seat made of lambskin

Product no.: GR 380042

aus hochwertigem, echten australischen Merino-Lammfell

passend für alle gängigen Englischsättel

in zwei Größen

42.90 *
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