Saddles & saddlecloth for Minis

Saddlecloth for Minis

Saddlecloth for Minis

stable saddles and additional equipment

Especially for Shettys and Minishettys

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Western saddle seat lambskin

Western saddle seat lambskin

Suitable for all common Western saddles

Color: natural, made of dense and durable lambskin.

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front saddle straps

Product no.: Pro 1404

Stitched saddle retaining straps

Suitable for all English saddles

Color: black, brown, Length: 24 cm

5.95 *

Wrist strap eyelet

Product no.: Pro 1004 Ö

Is screwed on the back of the saddle

For the attachment of tailpipes

Material: Chrome plated, brass

2.45 *

Wrist straps for shetlandpony saddles

Product no.: Pro 1408 SH

Wings suitable for Shetlandpony saddles

Stable saddle leather with snap hook

Color: black, brown


23.95 *

Wrist strap holder

Product no.: Pro 1004 HA

Made of sturdy, double leather

Suitable for all common English saddles

Color: black, brown

6.90 *

Tapaderos (Farbe: braun, Wert: S)

Tapaderos made of strong, solid leather

They prevent slipping in the stirrup

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

26.95 / pair(s) *
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Saddle Buddy - children stirrup

Product no.: Pro W1040

Saddle Buddy - children stirrup

So that even children in the large Western saddle can find sufficient support

Made of nylon,

Color: brown

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Saddle Buddy with Tapaderos

Product no.: HiTack 1957

Saddle Buddy children stirrups including tapaderos

So that the children in the big Westernsattel stop

By Weaver Leather

89.90 *

Little dude children stirrups

Product no.: HiTack 1955

Little dude children stirrups including tapaderos

So that the children in the big Westernsattel stop

By Weaver Leather

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129.90 €
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Stirrup straps 125cm ProCheval

Stirrup straps made of good, stable saddle;

Length: 125 cm; Width:

Color: black, brown

27.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

Moon-shaped lambskin saddle strap 45-90cm

Product no.: G 380062

The special section cuts the belt travel to the rear. For better pressure distribution and maximum elbow freedom 45-70cm

74.95 *

Child safety stirrups (Material: Edelstahl)

Child safety stirrup with white rubber inserts

Stable stainless steel design

Size 4 "with side safety glands

26.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

Chromed stirrups (Zoll: 4")

Chromed stirrups

With black rubber insert 10cm (4 ") or 12cm (4.75")

Without insert Dimensions 10cm (4 ")


18.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

Saddle strap in 60 -160 cm

With four stable roll buckles

Colors: black, brown, white

Lengths: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 125, 130, 140 cm

12.95 *
14.90 €
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Contour belt with lambskin 50-90cm

Product no.: G 380060

anatomically shaped, ensures better elbow-freeness and reduces discomfort

Sizes: 50 - 90cm


74.95 *

Western Cord Strap

Product no.: Sonderposten Pro W1301

Western Cord Strap %Sale

Colour: light Size: 62cm-98cm

soft cotton material with several strands

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Belly belt with codfleece

Western waist belt with codfleece

With stainless steel buckles and soft codfleece

Size 16 "- 42"

25.95 *

Saddle belt extender

Product no.: Pro 1101 V

Stable black nylon extension

Length: approx. 20 cm, width approx. 7,5 cm

With two stainless steel buckles

And two straps of 17cm each

5.95 *
6.90 €
You save 14 %

Saddle stretch belt 90-140 cm

Product no.: Pro 1103

Super soft, supple stretch material

Suitable for all common saddles

90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 cm

17.90 *

Adjustable leather saddle strap

Product no.: GR 200099

adjustable leather saddle strap in exquisite quality

Adjustable for cold-blooded animals up to 175cm
Length: 125-175 cm, 105-145cm


69.95 *
In stock

Saddle girth SoftGel 40 - 170cm

Product no.: GR 200034 SoftGel

Softweich padded leather saddle strap

Improves freedom of movement and pressure distribution

40 - 170 cm



39.95 *

Saddle handle strap

Product no.: GR 990366

Stitched saddle retaining straps

easy to buckle in via hook closure

Color: natural, Length: 35 cm

6.95 *
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