Western Bits

Western Bits

Sizes: 10 to 18.5 cm

High quality quality Western bites in different designs

Suitable for every training level of your horse.

Handmade professional bits with and without shanks

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Western education bite

Product no.: Pro W 2212

Double-broken Western education bite

Handmade, made of sturdy stainless steel

Size: 11,5cm up to 16.5cm

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33.95 €
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Billy Allen D-Bit

Product no.: Pro W 2210

Handmade Billy Allen D-Bit

sturdy stainless steel; Mouthpiece with copper inserts

Sizes: 11,5cm up to 18.5 cm

39.95 *

Dee Bit with copper lining

Product no.: Pro W 2209

Dee Bit with copper lining

D-rings of sturdy stainless steel,mouthpiece of rusting "Sweet Iron"

Sizes: 12,5cm up to 18.5cm

18.00 *
34.95 €
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Chinstraps with silver fittings

Product no.: GR 270076

Chinstraps with silver fittings

Chrome plated hardware, leather laces

Colors: Brown, black, nature, latigo

9.95 *
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Olive head bit made of copper

Product no.: GR 280012

Solid olive head bite with stainless steel rings

Mouthpiece made of solid copper

Available Options: 12.5 bis18.5 cm


29.95 *
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Double crushed leg bridle

Product no.: GR 280033

Double brushed stainless steel leg bit

Copper mouthpiece

Lengths: 13,5;14,5;15,5;16,5;17,5 cm

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44.95 €
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Simply crushed leg bridle

Simply crushed leg bridle

Lengths: 13,5;14,5;15,5;16,5;17,5 cm

Length of the legs: approx. 16cm

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38.95 €
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New Double cracked snaffle bit with shanks

Product no.: Pro W2207 Sprenger 49999 999 98

Billy Allan Bit with movable center piece

size 15,5cm, 16,5cm with 55mm D-rings

freedom of reed due to curved mouthpiece

49.00 *
69.95 €
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Chin chain simple chain

Product no.: HiTack 1541

Chin chain simple chain

Finishes from quality leather

Colors: light, dark, harness, latigo, black

12.95 *


Product no.: Pro W 2220

Chinstraps made of strong, good use leather

A buckle and two eyelets

Colors: brown, black, natural - natural tanned

7.95 *
In stock

Chinette with harness leather

Product no.: Pro W 2221Lux

Chinette with harness leather and double chain

Harnessed leather ends

Colors: light or dark

9.95 *
11.90 €
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