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Eberhard Birk

Im Schatten der Burg zu Löwenstein.
Historisch wahre Fiktionen

228 pages, many images
ISBN 978-3-86372-034-6

History is not necessarily "dry and boring". Our ancestors lived also in interesting times.

But not everything came to our notice. So there is room for "historically correct fictions", in this case locally bound to Löwenstein (near Heilbronn).

Many centuries of history, a castle, a town and the countryside give us lots of interesting points.

The author merges historical facts and "maybe possible" fictions in unorthodox perspectives. Twelve more or less historical true "fictions" are emerging of the "shade of the castle of Löwenstein"

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Product no.: 8392
214 p., many fig. 1. Auflage (2005) ISBN 3-935383-85-1 2. Auflage (2005) ISBN 3-935383-87-8 3. Auflage (2006) ISBN 3-935383-92-4 11,- Euro
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Rose Mack
I glaub's ja net!
Heimatgeschichten von Fils, Rems und Wieslauf
ISBN 978-3-86705-059-3
114 p., 47 figs.

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Rose Mack,
Do kasch doch nemme!
Heimatgeschichten aus dem Schwabenland
ISBN 978-3-86372-027-8
140 p., 36 fig.

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