Skyllis. 18. Jg. 2018, Vol.1

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Journal for maritime and limnic archaeology and cultural history
hrsg. v. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie (DEGUWA)
18 th year, 2018, Vol. 1
ISSN 1436-3372

144 p., many figs..



  • Vorwort
  • Preface
  • Amphoras of Asia Minor, 800-100 B.C.
  • Mark L. Lawall, Progress and Challenges
  • Marek Palaczyk, Transportamphoren als Zeugnisse des antiken Lebens Möglichkeiten und Grenzen einer Keramikgattung
  • Nikoline Sauer, Transport amphoras as interlinks in the ancient world
  • Ian K. Whitbread, Petrological Analysis of Amphorae A Methodological Perspective
  • Lisa Betina - Stella Skaltsa, Clays, Amphoras and Workshop Locations of Ancient Rhodes
  • Viktoria Georgopoulou - Anno Hein - Dimitris Grigoropoulos, Minding and Fillig the Gaps. Exploring the Production, Technology and Trade of Koan Amphorae during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
  • John Lund, A note on the so-called fabricants of Knidian amphorae
  • Alexandra Ch. J. von Miller, Archaic Amphorae from Taxiarchis Hill, Didyma
  • Lars Heinze, Amphorae from Priene Current State of Research and Perspectives
  • Sarah Japp, 100 Transport Amphorae in Pergamon - International, Regional, Local ?
  • Anneke Keweloh-Kaletta - Nicole Neuenfeld, Past and Future Adventures of the Pergamon Deposit
  • Güler Ates,  Lokale Keramikproduktion in Elaia und ein neuer Typ der Late Roman Amphora
  • Anna Andrea Nagy - György Szakmány - Piroska Magyar Hárshegyi, Petrographic Analysis of Amphorae from the Eastern Aegean in Pannonia. Preliminary Results
  • Nico Schwerdt,  Roman to Early Byzantine Amphoras from Miletus (Turkey). Archaeological and Archaeometric Research
  • Sabine Huy, No Fear of Amphoras ! The Current State of Processing Amphoras from Humeitepe/Miletus
  • Benjamin Engels, Die Amphoren aus dem Grottenheiligtum am Osthang von Pergamon. Überlegungen zu Chronologie und Konsumptionspraxis
  • Gerald Finkielsztejn, Tools for the Identification and Study of Amphoras: Databases, Corpora, and Catalogues
  • Das Bücherbrett

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