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Hans Gerber (Pseud.),
Ein archäologischer Krimi aus Tarodunum.
ISBN 978-3-86372-011-7
140 p., 2 color maps

Actually, a detective novel  begins with a corpse, and the search for the killer fills the rest of the pages. Not so in this book.

There are two interconnected stories. In the first a Roman merchant comes to live with the Celts from Tarodunum, the ancient Celtic city in Dreisamtal. When Roman  idiosyncrasies meets Celtic there will be trouble, greed and anger do the rest.

Over 2000 years later, archaeologists excavate a skeleton from Celtic times. They do their work with the same precision as the CID, just maybe with a little bit more humor...

An archaeological detective story, where you can look over the shoulder of the protagonists. The well researched book is full of real and fictional facts, but does not take itself too seriously.

About the author
The author lives in the Dreisamtal and has attentively followed the archaeological discoveries.


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