Skyllis. 17. Jg. 2017, Vol.1

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Journal for maritime and limnic archaeology and cultural history
hrsg. v. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie (DEGUWA)
17 th year, 2017, Vol. 1
ISSN 1436-3372

116 p., many figs.



  • Vorwort
  • Hakan Öniz; A Shipyard on Dana Island, Cilicia.Twohundred and seventy-four slipways recently discovered
  • Andrea Vianello, Moving across rivers and lakes in prehistory
  • Martina Celhar – Mate Parica – Mato Ilkic – Dario Vujevic, A Bronze Age underwater site near the islet of Ricul in northern Dalmatia (Croatia)
  • Francesca Oliveri – Antonina Lo Porto, A safe haven for ships. Recent underwater research in Mozia, Western Sicily
  • Sergey Olkhovskiy – Alexey Shmatkov – Andrey Verhnyatskiy, Archaeological site survey using 3D sub-bottom profiler. A case study from Phanagoria
  • Vesna Zmaic Kralj, Byzantine maritime trade based on underwater archaeological finds of the eastern Adriatic
  • Patrícia Brum – Inês Vaz Pinto – Ana Patrícia Magalhães – Filipa Santos - Johann Müller, The STORM Project and Coastal Erosion. The case of Tróia (Portugal)
  • Petr E. Sorokin – Tatiana M. Gusentsova, Neolithische Fischsperren an der Neva. Die Fundstelle Okhta 1 in St. Petersburg
  • Tobias Pflederer – Max Fiederling – Daniel Neubauer – Detlef Peukert - Gerd Knepel– Sebastiano Tusa – Francesca Oliveri, Underwaterarchaeological report on Mozia, Sicily 2017
  • Hakan Öniz, Stone sarcophagi as filling material of the breakwater of ancient Side (Turkey)
    Nachbau sowie wissenschaftliche Erprobung und Einordnung der Replik von Oberstimm II - Stand des Baus Anfang Februar 2018
  • Hakan Öniz — Okay Sütçüoglu, Early examples of the protection of underwater cultural heritage in Turkey. Osman Hamdi Bey and the Ottoman government in the 19th century
  • Mathias Orgeldinger, Im Meer versunken
  • Das Bücherbrett

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