Mannheim-Wallstadt / Mannheim-Vogelstang. Das frühmittelalterliche Gräberfeld am Elkersberg

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Ursula Koch,
Mannheim-Wallstadt / Mannheim-Vogelstang.
Das frühmittelalterliche Gräberfeld am Elkersberg

Publikationen der Reiss-Engelhorn Museen Band 84
ISBN 978-3-86705-083-8
680 S., 605 figs.

The most extensive sources of the history of the early Middle Ages, in which the foundations of our present settlements were created, are the graves. They are of inestimable value for the districts of the Franconian Merovingian Empire on the other side of the Rhine, which have only few written sources, and especially for the strategically important region at the Rhine and Neckar. To open up these sources it is not enough to dig them out. The results of an archaeological survey must be documented, but must also be accessible to all.
The present volume on the Early Middle Age burial ground at Elkersberg in Wallstadt, from 1966 in Mannheim-Vogelstang, summarizes all evidence about the excavations of the Mannheim antiquity club in the middle of the 19th century.The 443 tombs which have been archaeologically examinedIn the 60s of the 20th century, are presented in detail in text and image.
The volume concludes with an overview of the structures and objects.

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