Ursula Koch (Hrsgl) • Reihengräber des frühen Mittelalters

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Ursula Koch (Hrsg.),
Reihengräber des frühen Mittelalters
Forschungen zu Spätantike und Mittelalter 3.
Nutzen wir doch die Quellenfülle !
ISBN 978-3-86705-078-4
312 S.,173 figs.

Print-on-Demand Reprint (Softcover)


From the Merovingian era more graves are known, than from any other period before, this is our big problem, and these tombs are provided with meaningful gravegoods, this is our big chance. In the early medieval burials in  southern and western Germany, we meet the people, which caused the changes that brought the early Middle Ages.


"Row graves - let us use the source abundance!" Was the demand of the participants of a conference from 17 to 19 February 2015 in Mannheim. 25 posts summarizes the present session. They point to new and diverse perspectives, demonstrating that the sources are far from being exhausted, show new opportunities in collaboration with anthropology or present  hitherto only inadequately investigated sources. Above all, it was a meeting of the discussions. The focus of the meeting was the question of "how do we make merovingian archeology attractive?". The proceedings tries to find answers.

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