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The 15K Earrings are lovely and luxurious. Each earring has 3 Gold 15K hearts connecting to each other also with 15K gold pieces. In the middle of the gold heart is a shining synthetic stone in white colour. The JC SISI EARRINGS are high-class and will shine in every event you will wear it. 


Material: 15K (585) yellow Gold   |   Made in Germany

Size: 4.5 cm

The total weight, including the stones is 6 gram

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JC SISI Ohrringe


Ohrringe 585er Gold     EUR 192 

Name JC SISI Ohrringe

Ein paar wunderschöne Ohrringe 585er Gold mit synthetischen Steinen. Jeder Ohrring hat 3 schöne goldene Herzchen, die mit einander verbunden sind und sehr fein bearbeitet worden sind. Diese tollen Ohrringe passen zu jedem Anlass.  

Länge 4.5 cm 

Gewicht 6 gram

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