An etching is produced when a metal plate is engraved with a sharp instrument called a scribe. The plate is heated to enable an even application of ink, which is worked into the engraved design. Once excess ink has been removed the plate is put onto the etching press ready for printing. Paper is then placed over the plate before being rolled under the etching roller. The result is a mirror image of the marks that were scribed into the metal plate by the artist. Each copy is stored for two days to dry and then viewed for imperfections before either being added into the edition or destroyed. Finally the accepted prints are signed, dated and edition stamped by the artist. is pleased to present you the following etchings.

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Title: Illusions
Medium: Etching
Artwork Size: Approximately 38cm x 21cm / Approx. 15" x 8¼" inches.
Plate Size: 50mm x 50mm / Approx. 2" x 2" inches.
Limited Edition: No: This artwork is numerically numbered upwards and is open ended.
Embossed: YES: Embossed with one of the artists Berlin studio embossing seals.
Certificate of Authenticity: YES, see also Certificates of Authenticity

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Delivery weight: 38.5 g

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Title: Bathroom Scene
Medium: Dry point etching on Hahnemuhle fine art paper.
Artwork Size: 790mm x 533mm.
Limited Edition: YES: (Only 100 artworks).
Certificate of Authenticity: YES, see also Certificates of Authenticity.

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can be shipped within 4 days

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