Rep Seal for piston rear brake caliper New Beetle 98-11

Rep Seal for piston rear brake caliper New Beetle 98-11

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The repair kit for the small purse! Many a New Beetle is slowly getting on in years.

This creates smaller or bigger problems and repairs. A frequently occurring theme is that the collar can be porous and the subsequent polluting of the pressure piston of the caliper. The consequences are usually run out of the brake fluid, the decrease of the braking action, up to total brake defect!

We offer you the best remedy with these brake caliper repair kit.

The cuff and the scraper be exchanged for the defective gaskets and thus saves the costly replacement of the complete brake caliper.

The seal is set in the New Beetle to the rear axle, two-times installed. (Right & Left)

After ordering, simply enter your payment email with the desired quantity.

(The replacement should be performed only by trained personnel)

Additional product information

Artikelnummer bs00012
Modell VW New Beetle 98-11
Ausführung Bemssattel - Hinterachse
Material rubber mix
Lieferumfang 1 set

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