Grey leather straps for New Beetle roof handles

Grey leather straps for New Beetle roof handles

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25.00 / pair(s)
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There is a small series manufacture by a Master factory with decades of experience in leather working and Processing. This handle loops are exclusive to the single order of Company Store NL manufactured in Germany. These grips give your Beetle features a unique detail. The handles are made of high quality and manufactured odorless synthetic leather and offer thus the highest Color fidelity and fit. The handle loops with few Steps against the original Volkswagen existing rubber loops exchange. The original fixtures are not working and extra Fasteners used again.

Additional product information

Artikelnummer ia00103
Modell New Beetle Coupè 98-
Ausführung Handle strap on the B-pillar interior trim
Material Leatherette
Maße 400mm open length / 200mm max. Loop length / width 25mm / 4mm Thickness
Lieferumfang 1 pair

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