U.S. front turn signals with Begrenznungslicht New Beetle 98-06 / links

U.S. front turn signals with Begrenznungslicht New Beetle 98-06 / links

1-2 days available

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Style your vehicle in the American dream to. Through these details,

your Beetle looks like a new look in everyday life and gives you more security with the integrated page boundary lighting.

Design your own personal vehicle design to your liking. The US-style turn signal housing to be replaced with the original front indicators.

The color-matched screw covers are included with! When the conversion to ensure that the flashers versions against (not included) 3-pin US-model turn signal sockets are to swap with matching lamps (original can not plug in) and the wiring for lighting parking is extra increase before.

These additional components can of course be ordered separately from us on request

Additional product information

Artikelnummer li00208
Modell New Beelte Coupe/Cabrio 1998-2006 (nicht Sport-Editons & RSI-Modell)
Oberfläche yellow / white
Zulassung SAE AIPP2 97
Material Kunststoff
Lieferumfang 1Stückr Blinkerschalen links (ohne Leuchtmittel/ Leuchtmittelfassungen)

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