Kung4u Seminar


Dear Instructor,

KUNG4U will give you the unique opportunity to make your next degree in WingTsun (LT) without any affiliation to any organisaiton.

Everyone, who has a WingTsun school or want to be a master one day, has the chance, to learn the complete WingTsun system without any stress. After every Seminar you will graduate to your next level.

Your benefits:

- no affiliation to any organisation
- learn everything in detail
- no politics, no stress
- no outselling of any master certificates. Learn in a honest way with focus on your degree
- learn directly your next degree. As example: you have the 2nd technichian degree. You will learn directly everything for the 3rd degree.
- not necessary to learn the degress before your degree
- fair and discreet
- without contract

If you are interessted and you than come to our first Kick-Off Seminar:

When: 26.September 2015
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Where: IMAA Headquarter Leonberg, Dieselstr. 6, 71229 Leonberg
Registration and Informaton: info@kung4u.de


We are looking forward to see you!

Best regards,
Sifu Taner and Sifu Graziano